cutest couple ever!!

Hairstyle Appreciation: Reba McEntire


The fact that Miranda now has an instagram doesn’t help my fan girl heart. I was dead when I saw this. Omg. The Shelton’s !!!

Let’s roll the windows down. Windows with the cranks. C’mon let’s take a picture, the kind you gotta shake ♥


Y’all remember this?

Hey Blakey, What the hell are you doing? Lmao!

Miranda talks about her approach to recording Platinum [x]

happy birthday, reba ♥ (march 28th, 1955)

"A word of advice … I gave my whole life to NYPD and I forgot to live my own."

People used to say this to me all the time, and I never understand what they meant, but take care of yourself. You deserve it.

— Captain Cragen


"I’m safer in here then you are out there, Sergeant- Benson.. Is it?"

Alright, nice dress.


- SVU: The squad | season 1/15